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"The best birthday present I ever got my wife in our 36 years of marriage was you!  You made her party the best party we ever had.  We now consider you a member of our family."

H. T., Great Neck, NY

"The reviews were unanimous, 'You deserve a Tony!'  You were spectacular finding and greeting all of our All Star Award winners in song!  You made them all feel special."   

D. Q., VP, JPMorgan Chase

"We can't figure out how you do it.  You found all 92 of our top people.  People are still talking about it and we're still getting emails.  Thank you and your team for an extraordinary job."  

R. T., SVP, GPU Electric Co.

"You truly conveyed our gratitude and affection to all of our family and friends at the wedding.  You were a smash and it made our special day even more special"

J. M., New York, NY

"Al Tulane was great and amazing.  His performance was a big part of the success of our fundraising efforts last night."

L. W., Angels of Hope

"You were such a hit at my mother's party, and not only with her. "Who was that?" could be heard over and over. Thanks again for an amazing performance!"

M. R., New York, NY

"I can't tell you how many emails I received raving about your Name Song at our awards dinner last weekend. You did make all our winners feel appreciated and special."

K. S., VP, M&T Bank

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